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Running Subgraph

This guide describes how to run the Abstract API using Docker and how to configure it with custom network settings.

First, prepare the network configurations you plan to use with the API instance. The configuration should follow this schema:

  "chainId": {
    "rpc": "string",
    "versionControl": "string"

Here, chainId is a placeholder for the actual chain ID, which will include the following properties:

  • rpc: The URL of the network's RPC endpoint.
  • versionControl: The address of the Version Control contract deployed on that network.

For example:

  "phoenix-1": {
    "rpc": "",
    "versionControl": "terra1hstp8gfjlg2reet90mgada3h8n9jf2d7tnd9r554h0d0q95lgq5q2fhp8v"

Once you have the network configuration prepared, pass it as an environment variable to the Docker instance. Use the following command:

docker run abstractsdk/subgraph:0.19 -e NETWORK_CONFIGURATION_MAP='<prepared_json>' -p 4001:4001


To run the API with the example network configuration provided above, the command would be:

docker run abstractsdk/subgraph:0.19 -e NETWORK_CONFIGURATION_MAP='{"phoenix-1":{"rpc":"","versionControl":"terra1hstp8gfjlg2reet90mgada3h8n9jf2d7tnd9r554h0d0q95lgq5q2fhp8v"}}' -p 4001:4001

In this command:

  • abstractsdk/subgraph:0.19 specifies the Docker image to use.
  • -e NETWORK_CONFIGURATION_MAP='...' passes the network configuration as an environment variable.
  • -p 4001:4001 maps port 4001 on your local machine to port 4001 in the Docker container.

After running this command, the API will be served and accessible at http://localhost:4001.